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Who is TechSlice?

TechSlice’s investment panel is comprised of MedTech experts across a variety of backgrounds, committed to helping MedTech startups

Our panel of experts come from a variety of backgrounds, who have an interest in early investment opportunities and an interest in mission driven projects, who are willing to provide feedback and insight regardless of their intent to invest, and who have experience as one of the following: Entrepreneurs who have successfully exited with 7+ figures; current CEOs and Founders who are actively running a successful tech company that they started from the ground up; Active investors with experience growing a tech startup through to successful exit; folks committed to the Baltimore Tech startup scene with investment capabilities and experience addressing the hurtles new entrepreneurs may face.

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    Decide what level of involvement you want to bring to the relationship. Investing only, Investing and Advising, or Advising only (get the inside peek on new projects before outside investors). Review current projects and Upcoming Demo Day Candidates.

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    Participate in a Demo Day or work with TechSlice one-on-one to identify a project match. Agree to terms and become an active participant in solving problems and building the tech innovation scene for better solutions! We are excited to have you on board.

Invest In Mid-Atlantic Tech

Maryland is home to one of the largest life science and medical device innovation clusters in the nation.

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Why invest in MedTech with TechSlice?

Expertise in medical technologies

We offer:

  1. A better ROI to early investors;
  2. Mission minded projects that have been thoroughly vetted and evaluated;
  3. The support of the highest skilled development and security capable team in the region, and the opportunity to support and invest in the Baltimore and Mid-Atlantic Tech ecosystem.

Leading value accelerator in the mid-Atlantic tech ecosystem

MedTech, along with Cybersecurity and EdTech, are our core market verticals for one very big reason. We are located in a mecca of health and cybersecurity agencies and corporations. To highlight MedTech specifically, the region hosts a concentration of 57 accredited colleges and universities that provide specialized biotech programs. There exists a strong local biohealth sector focus and workforce.

Maryland is home to one of the largest life science clusters in the nation, with 500+ biotech firms, 2,700 life sciences companies, the NIH, the FDA, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Maryland Medical System as well as many national health associations who are headquartered here. With the high concentration of life sciences in this area, the number of start-ups and the culture for MedTech innovation is high.

Regulatory compliance

As with any powerful tech product built for good, there are risks if the product can be hacked and used for nefarious purposes. Patient safety, both physically and digitally, is best addressed from the beginning of the development of a new clinical product. The hazards are very real if appropriate safeguards are not implemented correctly. TechSlice helps MedTech startups meet the regulatory compliance standards for healthcare (HIPAA and ISO 13485, among others) and expands upon these further with standards and best practices from the cybersecurity industry. We also cover other compliance standards, such as Section 508 and WCAG, for accessibility.

Partner up with high potential medtech startups

TechSlice offers a sweat equity model as well as services and strategies to lower the barrier of entry for tech startups, ensuring a high level of security and compliance, and a full go-to-market understanding. Your investment dollars go further, faster, and with better returns.

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We provide early stage medical devices and healthcare technology startups and innovators with an entrepreneurial event and the resources they need to develop a strong business model and development plan for bringing their medical technology solution to the market.

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Why do MedTech startups look for funding opportunities?

Medtech companies have significant upfront costs and must have access to funds during the research and development phase of their medical device or medical technology solution. Digital health companies do not see revenues until they successfully bring a product or service to market, making it a difficult healthcare sector for small enterprises.

For MedTech startups, these barriers to success go beyond product development and into clinical trials, FDA approval, compliance standards, high security, feasibility testing requirements… Attracting investors is therefore essential to any MedTech startup success.

Why invest in MedTech?

MedTech is a broad field made up of many different types of companies, ranging from medical devices to biotech. MedTech investors come from a wide range of sources. They share a vision that medicine and tech can work together to make great things happen.

Previously, Medtech could be considered a risky investment. Today it has become a priority for many investors, resulting in a marked increase in venture capital and angel investors. The reason for this trend is quite simple. As COVID-19 progressed, investors started pouring funds into the healthcare technology sector like never before. While the public safety crisis has subsided in most parts of the western world, investors' interest in healthcare continues.

Why is the MedTech industry attracting potential investors?

Private Medtech companies received $4 billion in investments in the 1st quarter of 2021 alone. IPOs are proceeding in this space at an impressive pace as well, so Medtech platforms are a major attraction for investors.

MedTech ventures have been able to attract significant capital, and the medical device and medical technology industry is expected to grow in the next few years. That means investors are willing to pour money into new products and services that can help people live healthier lives. Companies like TechSlice connect MedTech startups in need of funds and resources with private equity firms, angel investors, qualified experts and more.

What challenges are MedTech startups confronted with?

The MedTech industry is constantly evolving and innovation is not only limited to the products themselves but also includes the way MedTech companies approach their operations. In order to perform, it is essential for medical technology companies to strengthen their core competencies and focus on innovation.

Top performing MedTech solutions are moving away from the traditional provider model and redefining the role of MedTech solutions. Health care devices that collect and share data elevate them from a one-time purchase to services, which changes how medical technology firms function.

Great potential lies in developing new ways to manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, obesity, and cancer. These diseases require constant monitoring and management through lifestyle changes, medication adjustments, and regular medical checkups. Innovative MedTech startups are developing new remote care solutions allowing for better remote patient monitoring and improving quality of life thanks to experts, resources and funding gained through TechSlice.