TechSlice is a Software Product Agency. We work with innovators and entrepreneurs to bring their ideas into reality. Our full suite team is here to support every step of the product journey from fine tuning ideas to product and brand launch. While our main focus is on software platforms and integrations, we pull in expertise across Market Research, UX, Marketing, Branding, Strategy, Hardware, and Compliance. Our clients are our true partners in success.

Our cost-plus-equity contract approach makes launching a startup more affordable and lowers technical barriers. You are backed up with a full service team and gain access to the talented resources you need, when you actually need them, without the extraordinary cost.

We limit the number of products we work on at any given time so, when we do partner with you, you receive our undivided attention for the life cycle of your product. We are invested and focused on your success.

Our Core Values

  • Accountable

    Accountability is about fostering a culture of integrity and openness in everything that we do. Our focus on education is not just for our team and our community, it’s also with our partners and you. Success comes from communication, and we can advance this together through education.

  • Intentional

    Intentional to us means that we approach every project with a mind to get the job done right. We build to scale, and we build to last. Design should anticipate our client’s needs, because we believe in their success, and with success will come new challenges. It’s important that their visual designs and technical platforms are prepared and set them up for the future.

  • Results-Driven

    We continually exceed your expectations by keeping perspective on the goals of your product. Experience in context means that we can better read between the lines and make sure that our solutions add value. We intentionally choose projects where our solutions can make an impact and garner positive results.


TechSlice comprises an elite group of design and development teams. Our model is scalable and focused on client needs. With extensive industry backgrounds in design, brand strategy, graphic design, programmatic development, and technical consultation, we bring tailored solutions to our projects from conception to product launch.

Our team has its strong roots in mentorship and community. We are actively involved in our local Baltimore tech community and believe in a philosophy of achievement through continuous learning, growth, and teaching others.



A reliable organization with established credibility within the technology community.

Access to Expert-class Developers

Your projects get done faster, saving you time, money, and headache.

Project Management

More flexible on project delivery with expanded skillsets.