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We are uniquely positioned to help other firms scale their software and teams, solve today's today technology challenges, and have fun while doing it.

we are tech adventurers

TechSlice is comprised of an elite group of design and development teams. Our model is scalable and focused on client needs. The TechSlice team has extensive industry experience in design, brand strategy, graphics, programmatic development, technical consultation and more. We bring tailored project management and strategy to our clients - supporting them from concept to successful product launch.

Our team has its strong roots in mentorship and community. We are actively involved in our local Baltimore tech community and believe in a philosophy of achievement through continuous learning, continuous growth, and through teaching others.



We help companies with software products and website creation. We code for fun, to share knowledge and to learn new technologies.

We approach every project with scalable software in mind. We build to scale and we build to last. Our team uses the Agile methodology to keep building on client goals for product launch and beyond.

It is important to anticipate our clients needs. As they continue to grow, new challenges can arise. It’s important that the user experience design and technical architecture is built with the future in sight.

Product Development

Front-end to Back-end, from Angular to C++, we have you covered. Our team relishes the opportunity to develop novel products. Our team is by your side from idea to product launch!


We regularly consult with our clients and other local businesses. Come join our network and see what we can achieve together!


From websites to graphic design, our team and our partner firms can help you get the attention you deserve. We can help write RFPs, the whole proposal, or help with logos and graphics.


We're not ninjas.
We're nerds.

Juliana Buonanno
Founder & CEO

A strong product owner and business development leader, Juliana wields a laser focus on customer products, ensuring that they have what they need to excel.

Matthew Lim
Senior Managing Partner

Providing technical leadership and direction to TechSlice projects, Matt's strength in breaking-down complex technical tasks is invaluable as a teacher and leader. Matt brings over 10 years of experience in web development and systems engineering.

Nicholas Hruch
Senior Engineer

Nick is a Senior Engineer and Software Developer who brings over 10 years of experience in hardware and software projects to the table. His primary role has been consulting for our clients in the medical field.


TechSlice is committed to teaching the future of web

Accountability is about a fostering a culture of integrity and openness in everything that we do. Our focus on education is not just for our team and our community, it’s also with our partners and clients. Success comes from communication, and we can advance this together through education.

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