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We take a project from ideation, vet it thoroughly, and carry it through to Series A Funding.

We are seeking Early Investors and Angel investors to partner with our projects.

Who's On The Panel?

Our panel of experts come from a variety of backgrounds, who have an interest in early investment opportunities and an interest in mission driven projects, who are willing to provide feedback and insight regardless of their intent to invest, and who have experience as one of the following: Entrepreneurs who have successfully exited with 7+ figures; current CEOs and Founders who are actively running a successful tech company that started from the ground up; Active investors with experience growing a tech startup through to successful exit; folks committed to the Baltimore Tech startup scene with investment capabilities and experience addressing the hurtles new entrepreneurs may face.

  1. Apply For The Panel

    Apply or reach out for a consultation to learn about our projects.

  2. Meet With The Team

    Decide what level of involvement you want to bring to the relationship. Investing only, Investing and Advising, or Advising only (get the inside peek on new projects before outside investors). Review current projects and Upcoming Demo Day Candidates.

  3. Invest In The Future

    Participate in a Demo Day or work with TechSlice one on one to identify a project match. Agree to terms and become an active participant in solving problems and building the tech innovation scene for better solutions! We are excited to have you on board.

Invest In Mid-Atlantic Tech

Maryland is home to one of the largest life sciences clusters in the nation.

Academic Institutions
Biotech Firms
Life Sciences Companies

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We offer: a better ROI to early investors; mission minded projects that have been thoroughly vetted and evaluated; the support of the highest skilled development and security capable team in the region, and the opportunity to support and invest in the Baltimore and Mid-Atlantic Tech ecosystem.

MedTech, along with Gov-tech and Edu-tech, are our core market verticals for one very big reason. We are located in a mecca of government, education, and health agencies and corporations. To highlight MedTech specifically, the region hosts a concentration of 57 accredited colleges and universities that provide specialized biotech programs. There exists a strong local biohealth sector focus and workforce.

Maryland is home to one of the largest life sciences clusters in the nation, with 500+ biotech firms, 2,700 life sciences companies, the NIH, the FDA, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of Maryland Medical System as well as many national health associations who are headquartered here. With the high concentration of life sciences in this area, the number of start-ups and the culture for MedTech innovation is high.

It is significantly higher than other states and regions.

With the rush of firms into this space, less competent technology groups are entering the market and deploying less secure medical platforms that expose risk to large quantities of protected patient data. While we have more expertise in this area, the flood of others mishandling complex product development could increase pressure on government agencies (institutional regulators) to further protect data and increase security of medical devices in healthcare facilities.

Over-regulation could cause undue financial and compliance burden on technical start-ups entering the marketplace. As with any product built for good,there are also inherent risks to developing powerful software components that can be hacked and used for nefarious purposes. There are potential detrimental effects to consider when navigating software product development associated with clinical patient care if appropriate safeguards are not implemented correctly.

TechSlice offers a program that lowers the barrier of entry for tech startups, ensures high levels of security and compliance, and full go-to-market understanding. Your investment dollars go further, faster, and with better returns.

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